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Handling Life with Nathan Tabor

May 31, 2020

What does searching for shark teeth have to do with life? Well, there are three principles I’ve learned, and these principles should be applied to all areas of life.

May 23, 2020

What’s holding you back from giving God control of your life?

The Handling Life Program is my personal story of coming back to God. All materials are Bible-Based, Christ-Centered, and the program is free. Sign up at

May 18, 2020

How does this apply to our lives? In two ways: As a believer, our example should “sharpen” others, not dull them, and as a believer, we should seek out others who will “sharpen” us, not dull us. 

May 8, 2020

Does the order in which you do things matter?

Yes, the order matters and if you don’t do things in the right order you won’t get the results you desire.  Think about it, even God does everything in order.

May 1, 2020

We are living in uncertain times BUT there are ways to anchor yourself in the midst of a storm.  If you need encouragement or advice, then please listen to this talk with Harold Vaughan.

Learn more about Harold and his ministry at