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Handling Life with Nathan Tabor

Dec 27, 2020

Do you ever feel like you can’t tell God something? I’ve been there, and it’s a powerful obstacle to having a daily relationship with God. Please take a few minutes and listen to how I deal with the feeling.

Dec 18, 2020

Are you faced with a blue Christmas?  Unfortunately, it’s a reality for so many and I’ve got some thoughts on how to handle it.

Dec 9, 2020

Are you struggling to forgive someone?  Well, you aren’t alone.  As you know, forgiving someone is extremely hard.  So, why is it important to forgive others?

Dec 3, 2020

Have you ever had the thought, “it’s my money, and it's ALL mine?”  Well, you aren’t alone.  Everyone has this thought. The question is, how do you answer it?