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Handling Life with Nathan Tabor

Nov 12, 2018

Whitney and his wife Chelsea have adopted their two sons over the last four years. At the time of this recording, they are in the process of adopting their third child. They know the costs associated with adoption (up to $60,000 on average), but they also know the life-changing blessings it offers. Whitney Sewell is the host of The Real Estate Syndication Show and is the owner of Life Bridge Capital LLC. There are millions of orphans worldwide, yet the financial burden of adopting is more than many families can consider. This is where LifeBridge Capital comes in, as it donates 50% of its own profits to help families give orphans a loving home. Life Bridge Capital works with accredited investors, helping them improve their investment returns via the exceptional opportunities that multifamily syndication offers You can learn more about Whitney at If you are considering adoption, I highly recommend you listen to what Whitney has to say. He has great advice on how to handle the challenges you will face and he also offers guidance to those looking for help. In the interview, Whitney discusses several resources. Here are links to those resources:; and