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Handling Life with Nathan Tabor

Jul 6, 2020

What happens when you don’t pay attention? Usually, you make a mistake and possibly even hurt yourself.

Well, I recently hurt myself because I wasn’t paying attention, and while it was a small abrasion, it was excruciating and it took weeks to heals.

So, how does "Not Paying Attention" apply to our walk with...

Jul 1, 2020

The way we react to distress impacts us and those around us. So, how should we respond in times of distress?

Jun 27, 2020

What does truth mean?  Does it mean true until proven otherwise? Or, does it mean absolute, unchanging?

Listen to find out what TRUTH means and why it matters.

Jun 21, 2020

I’ve always heard you have a choice to either do right or do wrong.  Well, is that true for a Christian?  If not, what two choices does a Christian have?  Listen to find out!

Jun 16, 2020

Do you understand the significance of putting God first?  Do you realize the difference it will make in your life?

Take 5 minutes and listen.  I promise it will be worth your time.